Long COVID symptoms and how Reflexology may help in your recovery

The majority of people who have had COVID-19 will recover completely in a few weeks.  Unfortunately, for some people this isn’t the case and they continue to experience a variety of Long Covid symptoms after initially contracting the virus.

Long Covid symptoms include:

  • Fatigue
  • Cough
  • Headache
  • Loss of taste/smell
  • Shortness of breath
  • Muscle aches/joint pain
  • Memory loss/lack of concentration (brain fog)
  • Low mood
  • Anxiety/depression

A study from King’s College London found that older people, women and those with a greater number of different symptoms in the first week of their illness were more likely to develop long Covid with one in 10 still unable to shake off the side effects eight weeks after infection.

If you are struggling with long Covid symptoms then reflexology may be able to help.  Reflexology aims to restore and improve your physical health and emotional wellbeing.  It works all the body systems, organs and glands, including the lymphatic system which helps to support your immune system.  It also helps with sleep which will help the body to heal and recover.  A treatment is also very relaxing which will help alleviate any anxiety or stress that you may be feeling.

A reflexology treatment is not an alternative to seeking medical advice, so if you are concerned about your health, or worried about any symptoms that you may be experiencing then please contact your GP.  

NHS England has provided £10 million of funding for clinics that will be able to offer specialist help and advice for people suffering ‘long Covid symptoms’ at over 60 sites throughout the country.  For more information click here.

Additional NHS information on Covid-19 recovery can be found here.